Optimizing for VoIP

The IQrouter by default optimizes VoIP traffic above all others, but there are a few settings and things to be aware of to get the best results.

 First is that some VoIP services, such as the Ooma Telo, require that users turn off the SIP ALG in the admin UI of the IQrouter to get their Oomas to work.

SIP ALG stands for Application Layer Gateway and is common in many commercial routers. It inspects VoIP traffic (packets) and if necessary, modifies it to avoid problems with some router firewalls.

SIP ALG is enabled by default on the IQrouter. If you have a VOIP solution that recommends disabling SIP ALG you can disable the feature using the "Configure==>Network" menu on the IQrouter.

Using wired ethernet is the preferred way to connect latency sensitive devices like VoIP interfaces.

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