How do I lock in the WiFi channel and strength?

Sometimes it is desirable to lock in the signal strength of the WiFi in the IQrouter. This might be because you have multiple access points in the home already, and don’t want to compete with them and want to lower the strength. Other times it might be because some neighboring Access Point is causing the WiFi of the IQrouter to back off due to its strength, so locking your strength is a way to keep your signal from fading.

To set the channel and lock in the strength, go to the Advanced menus and then pick the Network->Wireless page. There click on 'Edit' for the chosen WiFi radio, and then use the drop downs to set the channel and / or the signal strength desired.

Note picking the highest possible power level is not always the best option, as APs need to share the spectrum and not step all over each other.
Please read this article for in-depth information on WiFi channels and power settings:

On the 2.4Ghz band, we recommend only picking channels 1, 6 or 11, as those are the only non-overlapping channels.

Click Save and Apply to set it.

Log out of the Advanced menus.





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