Why do I have latency issues when gaming?

Modern PC gaming has several requirements, including a broadband network connection. Most internet service providers (ISP’s) sell their service on different tiers, with the faster speed commanding the higher price. Users often think that faster internet speeds will benefit their gaming, but unless the majority of the available bandwidth across the network is being utilized, there will not be a benefit from a faster speed. With PC gaming more dependent on low latency, rather than raw bandwidth, the goal should be for a higher quality connection, as there will be little expected benefit from a faster download speed.

It is recommended to have less than 75 to 100 milliseconds of average ping times for a good gaming connection. The IQrouter's traffic management works to keep latencies at the lowest point possible for your line. While the choice of internet connection can affect the latency, there are also other variables, including an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, and congestion on the network. Each network is unique based on the networking hardware and the location.

To ensure the IQrouter is managing traffic and maintaining low latencies you should run a speed test that includes latency data from a device directly connected to the IQrouter via Ethernet. Our web based IQ Test is a front end to the industry standard DSL Reports Speed Test that provides accurate speed and latency measurements, http://evenroute.com/iqtest/.

Once your IQrouter has finished its initial tuning process you should receive consistently low latency (Buffer Bloat) on your Ethernet connected devices. If you are showing low latency from the above speed test but still experiencing latency when gaming, the problems may be related to WiFi or, network issues related to the gaming servers or ISP peering setup.

If you are using WiFi for your gaming device it is recommended to try an Ethernet connection if possible. If WiFi is the only option then we have some tips on getting the best performance out of your WiFi here, http://evenroute.com/the-last-50-feet/2016/3/7/af1a6sw0tdbbzdj60j8gcvp765ome9.

Understanding your WiFi settings on the IQrouter can also improve your WiFi performance. More information about WiFi settings on the IQrouter can be found here, http://evenroute.com/wifi.

If your latency problems only occur while gaming and speed tests continue to show low latency then the problems are most likely outside your network/router control. You may want to check with your ISP or gaming forums to inquire about any known issues with gaming servers you are experiencing problems with. Some issues can occur when new games are released and both the servers and the paths to them are severely loaded. That can lead to increased lag, and there is nothing that can be done on the customer premises side to correct for that. Other times an ISP may change its peering or other network configuration for gaming servers to try and control traffic to these servers resulting in increased lag.

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