How to reconfigure an IQrouter for major service level change or new ISP

If you currently have an IQrouter deployed and you are switching to a new provider (ISP) or your existing provider is changing your connectivity type, then this FAQ will guide you through the steps necessary to get the IQrouter working on the new service.

First, please make sure you are on the latest firmware, this FAQ:  What is the latest IQrouter firmware? Will let you determine if you are on the current version, and if not, then this FAQ: Firmware upgrade process will guide you through that.

Note: If still on v1, then please open a support ticket by emailing and request your unit be set to upgrade.

Since the device the IQrouter router will connect to is changing, the IQrouter needs to be able to re-detect all the details about it and then perform a new tuning run. This is a major step, and is therefore a good time to reset the unit back to full defaults (newer firmware will possibly have updated defaults) and start fresh with the new gear and service.

To do that, reset your IQrouter by pressing and holding the WPS/Reset button for at least 10 seconds. The WPS/Reset button is located on the back of the IQrouter. Check the IQrouter Quick Installation Guide if you cannot locate the WPS/Reset button. After holding the WPS/Reset button for at least 10 seconds the system light will start flashing to let you know you can now release the button to reset your IQrouter.

The IQrouter will reboot after deleting all settings. When the IQrouter boots it will be back in setup mode. You will go through the same configuration wizard used when first setting up your IQrouter

Remember to disable the WiFi (if any) on the ISP device. Once the setup is complete, it will tune itself over the next few days to the new line. Maximum throughput is usually not detected until 24 or more hours after first deployment in order to ensure low-latencies at the start. So give it some time before running speed tests.

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