How to reconfigure an IQrouter for a service level change

If you currently have an IQrouter deployed and your service provider (ISP) has informed you that your plan has changed, or you had the ISP change your plan (speed upgrade/downgrade), then you will need to reconfigure it to let it figure out the new service levels.

First, please make sure you are on the latest firmware, this FAQ:  What is the latest IQrouter firmware? Will let you determine if you are on the current version, and if not, then this FAQ: Firmware upgrade process will guide you through that.

Note: If still on v1, then please open a support ticket by emailing and request your unit be set to upgrade.

Regardless of whether your ISP has done a simple speed upgrade on your existing line and equipment, or if the change is more significant than that, such as the ISP replacing the modem due to a failure, a quick re-configuration will detect any changes due to new gear and or service.

To initiate that, login to the IQrouter and select Advanced->Initial Config option. After responding to the alerts, you will be placed back in the initial config workflow, but the router will remember the name of your WiFi and other details to reduce the need for you to re-key any of that. This will be the same configuration wizard used when first setting up your IQrouter.

Once complete, it will tune for a couple of days to fully detect the capacity changes.

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