What do I need to do if I change providers or service level?

This article will help you make the choice of what steps to take when you have an existing IQrouter installation, and there is going to be a change in provider or service level. We break it down into two types of change:

  1. Major service level change or new ISP
  2. Service level change with existing ISP and connectivity

The first option would apply when any of the following is true:

  • You are switching service provider (ISP)
  • You are upgrading from one type of service to another
    • E.g. going from DSL to bonded DSL or VDSL, usually with equipment changes as well
    • E.g. going from DSL/VDSL telco service to Cable service (via coax) with new equipment from the ISP
    • E.g. going from anything to Fiber


The second option would be when your existing ISP has changed your current provisioning (speed levels they say you should get)  and the equipment is still the same. This is usually for higher capacity, but sometimes could be lower, especially if you requested a downgrade to save money or because the more expensive service is no longer needed due to the benefits of the IQrouter.

Common examples of this are when due to competitive pressures, an ISP will unilaterally upgrade your cable service from 60Mbps to 100Mbps.

This could also happen due to improvements they make to your line since you originally deployed the IQrouter, such as replacing old cable outside the home or other line repairs.

Therefore click on one of the following links to read further detail on the steps to take for each option:

  1. How to reconfigure an IQrouter for major service level change or new ISP
  2. How to reconfigure an IQrouter for a service level change


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