Firmware upgrade process

The IQrouter features a simple firmware upgrade process. Whenever new firmware is made available for your unit, the Overview page will display the following message, informing you that you can choose to apply the new firmware whenever you want. 

Warning: Loss of power during the process could brick the router causing it to be unusable. So make sure power is not interrupted by some monitoring process. Some tech users have setups that will power cycle the modem and router when detecting loss of connectivity. Disable those or plug the router power directly into the wall or UPS.

When you login to the IQrouter Overview page if you do not get a message saying "Retrieving latest information..." you should close the browser and log back in.

You may need to scroll down the page to find the "Upgrade Now" button.


The process occurs entirely within the router itself. It will pull down the firmware image, check it and initiate a sequence of steps that will result in the new firmware being applied and the router rebooted with the updated firmware.

The process takes a total of about 4 minutes, varying by how long it takes to download 16MB. During that period, network access is blocked and will not return until the unit has finished rebooting.

It will ask for confirmation at two steps, the first as soon as you click the button:


Then it proceeds to download the firmware and validate it, showing this:


If that goes OK, then it proceeds with the application of the new firmware, showing this:


Wait for the router to reboot, note firmware version at the bottom of the login page, or log back in and confirm the version of the firmware has updated.

If after 5 minutes, the lights have not changed and the browser window is showing the same message, you should close the browser, then re-connect to the IQrouter and see if the update completed, and if not, then try again. Some browser settings could interfere, so look at the browser console for errors.

If you have any issues with the process or afterwards, please open a ticket.

Related questions

When is new firmware made available?

Evenroute makes updates available based on your IQrouters current firmware version and impact level of the update. So if we make some small changes to the setup process, we might not make that update available to everyone. Sometimes, there is a small fix that applies to a subset of users, and only those users will see the upgrade option. If there is a significant change, such as improvements in underlying Kernel security or other wide-ranging fixes or enhancements, the upgrade will be made widely available.

Will I get notified of upgrades?

If you have registered your email (highly recommended) and a significant update is available, the system will send out emails indicating the availability. Otherwise, update availability will be indicated on the overview page, and you can follow the above steps to apply it.

How do I know what's new in the firmware?

We post updates by release to this summary of firmware changes.




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