How can I save my IQrouter configuration settings?

Warning: this involves use of the Advanced Menu’s, where it is possible to make changes that render the device inoperable or seriously misconfigured. Recovery might require a reset to defaults and full reconfiguration.

This procedure is only recommended for technically savvy users.

The Advanced Menu options allow you to save/restore your IQrouter configuration settings.

You can save/restore configuration settings on the IQrouter at any time using the IQrouter Administrative Interface

Once you login to the IQrouter Administrative Interface, select the Advanced Menu option.

Select "OK" to enable the advanced menu.

Select "Backup/Flash Firmware" from the "System" menu.

To save your current settings, select "Generate archive". A file with the configuration settings is downloaded to your computer.

To restore your IQrouter settings, select "Choose File" from the "Restore backup" section and select an archive generated earlier. Then select "Upload archive" to load the saved settings.

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