How can I configure the IQrouter via WiFi?

Once you have completed the installation of your IQrouter, you are ready to use the configuration wizard. If you have not yet installed your IQrouter see the appropriate Installation Guide for your IQrouter.

Note - A hard copy of the appropriate Installation Guide was included with your IQrouter. 

If your IQrouter supports WiFi configuration it will come pre-configured with the 2.4G WiFi radio enabled. If your IQrouter's 2.4G light is not On/Flashing then your IQrouter requires an Ethernet connection to configure.

If your IQrouter's 2.4G light is On/Flashing you can connect using the following credentials

SSID: changeme
Password: changeme

Once you configure the IQrouter you will be required to assign a customized SSID and Password for your 2.4G and 5G WiFi.

Note - When changing your WiFi SSID and/or Password while connected via WiFi your connection will drop and you will need to reconnect using the new SSID and/or Password before continuing the configuration. 

Once you are connected to the IQrouter via WiFi you can follow the standard FAQ for help configuring the IQrotuer,

How do I configure an IQrouter?

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