How can I check the status of my IQrouter?

The IQrouter Administrative Interface shows the status of your IQrouter and allows you to change any configuration settings needed. The Overview page is the best place to look for the overall status of your IQrouter. You will be taken to the Overview page each time you login to the IQrouter Administrative Interface.

When the Overview page first loads you will see a message saying "Retrieving latests updates from". During this time your IQrouter is communicating with the IQrouter web services to retrieve the latest status updates about your IQrouter.

Once the updates are retrieved the name you gave your IQrouter during the initial configuration is shown at the top of the page along with a message from the IQrouter web services. The message will alert you if any actions are needed. If no actions are needed, the message will give information about the current status of the IQrouter.

If you registered your IQrouter you can change the email address used by selecting the "Update Registration" button.

If you have not registered your IQrouter you can select the "Register" button to register at any time. Registering a current email address will help us to better assist you with support and to keep you informed of important software updates. If your line statistics varies, this is how we will alert you to line issues.

If a newer firmware release is available you will be given the opportunity to upgrade to the latest firmware release from the Overview page.

The rest of the "Overview" page shows details about usage and performance of your IQrouter.

The sections included:

Network: Shows WAN status and active connections.

Modem Line Statistics: If using an EvenRoute modem, shows line statistics for your modem. If we detect a change in line quality a message will be shown alerting you to the problem with suggestions to improve performance.

Wireless: Shows status of all wireless radios configured on your IQrouter.

Associated Stations: Shows status of all devices currently connected to your IQrouter.

DHCP Leases: Shows all devices with current DHCP lease.

System: Shows information about your current IQrouter, including version, model, and uptime.

Memory: Shows current memory usage.

Active UPnP Redirects: (Universal Plug'n'Play) is a protocol that enables programs running on a host to automatically configure port forwarding on the NAT-Router. Devices may dynamically add themselves to a network without the need for user intervention or configuration.

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