How can I verify my IQrouter is optimizing?

Your IQrouter will report the general state of your IQ optimization on the Overview page of the IQrouter administrative interface. For more detailed information you can select "IQ Optimization" from the "Configure" menu.

The Internet Quality optimization page will show current optimization settings as well as let you run system checks.

Current optimized settings

IQrouter tracks and adapts to the changing profile of your line. This section will show the current optimized settings being used by your IQrouter.

QoS Enabled/Disabled
QoS Upload Current upload setting in Mbps
QoS Download Current download setting in Mbps

The upload and download settings may be less than your actual line speed. This is by design and reflects the actual line speed you are capable of utilizing efficiently at this particular time.

System Check

IQrouter communicates with the Quality Schedule Monitoring service to monitor your line and if necessary will adapt the schedule and the settings, all without you having to do a thing. You can run a system check to verify your IQrouter is communicating with the service. This should only be required if requested by EvenRoute support. The page only allows the system check to run once per visit.

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