How can I test WiFi speeds to my IQrouter?

Using Iperf to test WiFi speeds

Iperf is a tool which can be used to test LAN and WLAN speeds and throughput. The IQrouter includes an iperf2 server to make it very easy to use. Iperf works by generating traffic from your client computer sent to the IQrouter. Bandwidth is then measured by TCP tests which are geared to show an actual representation of the network speeds you are receiving.

Note: The IQrouter currently uses Iperf2. Make sure you install Iperf2 and not Iperf3 on your client device.

To perform an Iperf test you first need to download and install Iperf2 for the operating system used on your client device.

Running Iperf tests

After installing Iperf on your client device, start the Iperf server on the IQrouter. This can be done through the IQrouter administrative interface. 

See What is the IQrouter administrative interface used for? if you do not know how to access the IQrouter administrative interface.

The Iperf server can be started by selecting "Performance Test" under the "Configure" menu.

Select "Start" to start the Iperf server.

Once the Iperf server is running you can start you Iperf client on your device. The device needs to be connected to the IQrouter via WiFi in order to test WiFi performance.

The Iperf client needs to specify the host ip address. The IQrouter Iperf server host is for v1.x and for v2.

To run the Iperf client on a Windows client:

In the command prompt on the client side, run this command:

  • Client: iperf -c

As long as the client is connected to the IQrouter via WiFi, you should receive a result similar to the following in less than 10 seconds:

You can continue to run client Iperf tests from various locations throughout your house to determine if you have sufficient WiFi speeds in all parts of your house. Lower speeds in one location vs another could indicate the need for a WiFi extender to reach those areas or possible interference with the WiFi signal.

The Iperf server will continue to run for 30 minutes from the time it is started. You can also manually stop the Iperf server by selecting "Stop" on the Performance Test page.


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