What can I do if I forgot my IQrouter password?

The IQrouter password is needed to login to the IQrouter administrative interface. If you forgot the password that you used when configuring the IQrouter and you configured a security question/answer you can simply use the "Forgot Password" link on the login page to reset your password. If you did not set a security question/answer you will need to open a support ticket and request a password reset.

You can also reset your IQrouter to factory settings to reconfigure your IQrouter and set a new password. See How-do-I-reset-reconfigure-an-IQrouter for more information.

When configuring the IQrouter you were asked to name the device and register. Please include the device name you selected and the email address used to register in the support ticket. Also include the MAC address for the IQrouter. The MAC is located on the bottom of the IQrouter.

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