How do I contact IQrouter support?

Email is how you submit tickets to IQrouter support and have conversations with support representatives to answer your questions.

Here's how the email workflow works:

  1. When an you send an email to, the email creates a ticket in the IQrouter help center.
  2. When a support representative answers your question, a notification email is sent to you as a reply to the original email.
  3. If you reply to the notification email, the reply creates a comment in the ticket.

The conversation between you and the support representatives continue until the question is answered.

You can either start a support ticket by sending an email to or by using the "Submit a request" link available on the IQrouter help center,

When starting a conversation with support please include the HW address and device name of your IQrouter. This information can be found on the overview page of the IQrouter administrative interface. The device name is at the top of the Overview page. The HW address is in the Network - IPv4 WAN Status section.

Please check your junk folder to ensure email from makes it to your inbox.

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