How do I configure an IQrouter for DHCP DSL connection?

Connectivity Type 

Select "DSL" to configure for DSL connectivity.. 


DSL Connectivity

Once you select the DSL connectivity type, your IQrouter automatically attempts to configure itself for a DHCP DSL connection. If the connection is successful you will see the results of the DSL modem and line check.

If you are using a DSL modem in our list of recommended modems, you should see detailed line statistics. This information allows the IQrouter to get accurate information about the state of your DSL line and allows the IQrouter to perform extra line monitoring and tune more quickly.

If your line statistics fail to meet minimum quality ratings, the configuration wizard may not allow you to continue until you address the line quality issues.

If your DSL modem and line check was successful, you can skip to the IQ Optimization section below.

DSL Connectivity Warnings

The following warnings may be shown when attempting to configure for DSL connectivity. If you reach any of these warnings, follow the on screen recommendations and then select the "Re-Test" button.




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