How do I configure an IQrouter?

The IQrouter configuration wizard makes it quick and easy to configure your IQrouter. The entire process usually takes less than 5 minutes. The wizard will walk you through the following configuration steps:

  1. Set the time.
  2. Select and verify your connection type.
  3. Run the Internet Quality Optimization utility.
  4. Configure system password.
  5. Register your IQrouter.
  6. Configure wireless settings.

Once you have completed the installation of your IQrouter, you are ready to use the configuration wizard. If you have not yet installed your IQrouter see the appropriate Installation Guide for your IQrouter.

Note - A hard copy of the appropriate Installation Guide was included with your IQrouter.

If your IQrouter supports WiFi configuration it will come pre-configured with 2.4G WiFi radio enabled. If your IQrouter's 2.4G light is not On/Flashing then your IQrouter requires an Ethernet connection to configure.

If your IQrouter's 2.4G light is On/Flashing you can connect using the following credentials

SSID: changeme
Password: changeme

Once you configure the IQrouter you will be required to assign a customized SSID and Password for your 2.4G and 5G WiFi.

Note - When changing the WiFi SSID and/or Password while connected via WiFi your connection will drop and you will need to reconnect using the new SSID and/or Password. 

To continue, you should have your computer connected to the IQrouter and have the IQrouter configuration wizard open in your browser as shown in the "Configure the router" section of the Installation Guide.

Special Note: Recent updates to several browsers have made them default their requests to be https vs http. This means that if you just type in the '' or '' into the address bar of the browser, it might not be able to reach the IQrouter UI. If that happens, fully qualify the request by using '' or ''.
Some browsers also add extra warnings about insecure access due to the link being http, but this is OK, as this is just local traffic on your home network. Just tell it to ignore and continue to connect anyway if needed.

Configuration Wizard


Before starting the IQrouter configuration, the WiFi should be disabled on the modem/router you are connecting to the IQrouter's WAN port. Also, if you have additional WiFi access points/repeaters, please turn them off during the configuration. You can later reconnect them to the IQrouter.Accept the Terms and Conditions and select "Let's Go!" to start configuring your IQrouter.

The IQrouter will walk you through options to setup your new WiFi network during the configuration.

It is important to make sure no users are able to bypass the IQrouter so it can manage all traffic to optimize your Internet Quality.


We recommend registering your email address so we can better assist you with support and keep you informed of important software updates. Simply enter your email address and select the "Register" button.


Select the "Continue" button to move to the next step in the configuration. 

Set Time

Start by setting the time. The local time is set from your computer. If the timezone is not correct for your location, select a location in the timezone list that matches your timezone. Select the "Click to set" button to set the time on your IQrouter.


Once the time has been set, the "Continue" button will enable allowing you to continue configuring your IQrouter.

Select "Continue" to move to the next step in the configuration.

Connectivity Type 

You are now ready to select the type of connectivity you have, DSL or Other. 


If you need additional help selecting your connectivity type see the specific FAQ for the connectivity type needed.

How can I tell if my DSL connection uses DHCP or PPPoE?

How do I configure an IQrouter for DHCP DSL connection?

How do I configure an IQrouter for PPPoE DSL connection?

How do I configure an IQrouter for Non-DSL connection?

Note that if deploying on a fresh Xfinity cable setup, the line activation can take up to 24hrs.

IQ Optimization 

The Internet Quality Optimization test will now test your line and apply optimization settings. This test can take a minute or two based on your line requirements. 

Select the "Start Optimization" button and wait for the test results.


The Optimization Results are shown after a successful IQ Optimization. 

If the Internet Quality Optimization fails, follow the suggestions returned.

Select the "Continue" button to move to the next step in the configuration.

System Password and Device Name 

Please make note of the password you choose, as it will be required to log back into the router's administrative interface to adjust settings or look at status details.

The device name you select should be unique to your IQrouter to help identify it. If you contact support you should refer to your IQrouter by its Device Name. A combination of you name and location (home, office, etc) is recommended. 


After setting your password and device name you can set a security question/answer to use in the event you forget your password. You can answer this security question to reset your password. If you do not select a security question/answer you may need to reset your IQrouter to factory settings and reconfigure in order to login to the IQrouter. 


Once your password and device name has been set, select the "Continue" button to move to the next step in the configuration.

Wireless Configuration 

You can give your WiFi access point any name (SSID) you’d like and enter a security pass phrase that will be required whenever enrolling a new device via WiFi. Write these down so you can refer to them in the future.

The IQrouter has both 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz WiFi radios. The "Simple" configuration allows both the 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz WiFi radios to share the same identity, making it easy for modern devices to automatically switch between them for best quality. This is our recommended approach.


The "Unique" configuration allows each radio to be configured individually. 


Once your wireless configuration has been applied, select the "Continue" button to move to the next step in the configuration.

Note - When changing the WiFi SSID and/or Password while connected via WiFi your connection will drop and you will need to reconnect using the new SSID and/or Password before continuing. 

After configuring your WiFi settings the IQrouter will survey active WiFi networks to test for any conflicts. If a conflict is found you will be able to find more information about the conflict and how to best configure the WiFi once you complete the IQrouter configuration and login.




Select the "Continue" button to complete the configuration.


After completing the IQrouter configuration you are taken to the IQrouter administrative interface. You can login to the IQrouter administrative interface at any point using your browser and entering the address Use the password you entered as the system password during the IQrouter configuration.

When the IQrouter administrative interface first loads it will retrieve updates from 

Once the updates are retrieved you can use the administrative interface to check on the status of your IQrouter and make changes to the configuration. 

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