How can I use custom DNS servers?

Using the IQrouter basic menu select "Configure==>Subnet/DHCP" to edit the "Custom DNS Servers" used. You can delete or change the current DNS Servers used by the IQrouter by default and add the DNS Servers you want to use.

Your ISP may specify its own DNS Servers as well. To ignore these DNS Servers select the "Ignore WAN DNS servers" check box.

Select "Save & Apply" when done.


What about devices that have hard-coded DNS, can I re-route to my chosen DNS?

If you have a device, such as the Chromecast or other clients, that use pre-defined DNS server configurations, you can re-route. If you don't have one of those, or don't care, then ignore this section.

Here are the additional steps for Chromecast and other clients with pre-defined client side DNS Servers:

Some clients, such as Chromecast, do not allow you to change DNS configurations. In order to use a custom DNS server you need to setup Static Routing on the IQrouter (Chromecast uses Google DNS as default and it can not be changed. With static routing the IQrouter will route google dns IPs to a custom DNS).

Important: These instructions are for advanced user. If settings get corrupted, you can always reset your IQrouter to factory settings. 

Select "Advanced==>Advanced Menu" to switch to the Advanced menu.

Select "Network==>Static Routes". 

Select "Add" to add a static IPv4 route and fill in the required information.

Destination IP Address : (this is the DNS used by the client to be replaced by the IQrouter custom DNS)
IPv4 Netmask :
IPv4-Gateway : Enter the IP address of the selected DNS to use instead
Metric : 2
Route Type : anycast

Add all DNS servers used by your client that need to be replaced by the IQrouter Custom DNS Servers.


Select "Save & Apply" when done.


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