Achieving an 'Open NAT' for gaming (XBox and others)

Note: this FAQ applies only to firmware prior to version 1.4.0. See How do I check my firmware version? Versions after 1.4.0 firmware users should see the Port forwarding for gaming (Xbox, Playstation, etc.) article.

When using an Xbox or other gaming systems with the IQrouter, the initial NAT state will be listed as 'Moderate'. To achieve NAT State ‘Open’, we must make one small configuration change in the IQrouter advanced menu.

  1. Log into the IQrouter, then Select Advanced->Advanced
  2. Once in the Advanced menu, select Network->Firewall
  3. Uncheck ‘masquerading’ for LAN -> WAN
  4. Click Save and Apply

This is what it should look like:


  1. Reboot XBox and go to settings->Network and verify NAT Type: Open


Note: you must reboot the Xbox as it caches the NAT state for period of time.


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