How do I access the customer dashboard?

One of the great values of the IQrouter is that it collects information about your line status as it does its job of optimizing it for best quality. This information is summarized in a Customer Dashboard report that is accessible to users when they log into their IQrouter administrative interface.

To access the Customer Dashboard, please follow these steps:

1- Log into the IQrouter at (or for IQRV1, or for IQRV2)
2- The overview page appears.
3 - For IQRV1

  • wait for the status section to fill with your customized content.
  • Once the custom content is present, there will be an orange colored text labeled ‘Customer Dashboard’. Click that.
  • A new tab will open in your browser with the dashboard contents.

 4 - For IQRV2

  • Select "Status ==> Customer Dashboard" from the IQrouter menu. 
  • A new tab will open in your browser with the dashboard contents.
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    Alex VanderWoude

    I have tried this, but I'm not getting to the dashboard page:

    1. Logged in to my IQRouter's admin site.  Lots of information appeared, as expected.
    2. Clicked on Status > Customer Dashboard.  This navigates to another page, with the following text:

      To see details about your IQrouter performance and find information about how to get the most out of your Internet please visit the IQrouter Customer Dashboard.

      This will open in a new tab or window so you can toggle between that and the IQrouter administrative interface.

    3. Clicking on the link in the above text navigates to a page with a cool background image, plus the following text: "The IQrouter Customer Dashboard can only be accessed through the IQrouter Administrative Interface."

    Umm, what?  Is that not what I just did?  Examining the above URL, it points to, which apparently is not working as expected.  Is the access ID wrong or something?  How can I fix this?

    FYI, at the bottom of the admin pages it says "IQrouter v 2.5.6", if that helps.


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